… With fewer than 100 days until the election, the battle for America’s most reliable voting block is heating up. Beset by crises, President Trump is at risk of losing older voters, perhaps badly. Team Biden is eager to present these voters with a more comforting alternative.

Older Americans vote. In large numbers. Consistently. Regardless of whether the specific contenders make their hearts go pitter-patter. Seniors are a political force who candidates neglect — or, worse, alienate — at their peril. …

In the midst of all the turmoil, Mr. Biden’s team believes that he has what it takes to win over older voters. While Mr. Trump throws Twitter tantrums and wallows in self-pity, Mr. Biden is painting himself as the candidate of steadiness and reassurance. CONT.

Michelle Cottle, New York Times

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The Census Bureau is ending all counting efforts for the 2023 census on Sept. 30, a month shorter than previously announced, the bureau’s director confirmed Monday in a statement. That includes critical door-knocking efforts and collecting responses online, over the phone and by mail. …

Democrats in Congress and many census advocates have become increasingly concerned that the White House is pressuring the bureau to stop counting soon in order to benefit Republicans when House seats are reapportioned and voting districts are redrawn. CONT.

Hansi Lo Wang, NPR News

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Based on public and private polling, where the campaigns are placing their strategic bets with millions of advertising dollars, where the candidates and their surrogates are spending time in person or virtually, conversations with Trump and Biden campaign advisers, Republican and Democratic political operatives, members of Congress, and political professionals involved with outside groups, our current Electoral College outlook reflects that substantial movement in Biden’s direction. CONT.

David Chalian, CNN

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As our revived national conversation on race has made clear, the legacies of slavery and white supremacy run wide and deep in American society and political life. One such legacy — which is particularly noteworthy in a presidential election season — has been the survival and preservation of the Electoral College, an institution that has been under fire for more than 200 years. CONT.

Alexander Keyssar (Harvard), New York Times

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• 36% want full-time in-person instruction; 28% want full-time remote learning
• More parents concerned about children catching the coronavirus
• A growing percentage of concerned parents want full-time remote learning CONT.

Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup

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